Landmark Processor (LaMP) for 3D-ID

3D-ID, a well-known software application developed in 2009, is a flexible Java program designed to provide geometric morphometric tools to aid forensic anthropologists in the assessment of the sex and/or ancestral affiliation of unknown cranial remains.

In an effort to help streamline the process of gathering 3D coordinates of anatomical points into 3D-ID, Revware has developed LaMP, a landmark processing tool which is embedded inside this latest release of 3D-ID.

LaMP for 3D-ID

LaMP for 3D-ID provides a visual guide which allows users to collect data more easily, reducing transcription errors and increasing the accuracy and speed at which the user can collect cranial landmark data.


This tool is designed to work either by hand-entering data or collecting the coordinates directly with the MicroScribe Portable CMM via the MicroScribe Utility Software (MUS).

Landmark Processor for 3D-ID
Forensic Anthropologist using 3D-ID with LaMP

At Revware, we believe in the value of the work done by Forensic Anthropologists and Medical Examiners, and are pleased to be able to work with one of the developers of 3D-ID, Dr. Ann Ross, and her team to curate this important software tool.

Quick and Versatile

Landmarks ordered for faster and easier collection

Clear graphical interface indicates which landmark to collect next

Reduces time needed to make regional identification

Delrin probes available for use with fragile specimens


Other Tools for Osteo Data Collection


The MicroScribe i system seamlessly integrates with many measurement and inspection software packages, freeing you to choose the software just right for your business


The MicroScribe Utility Software® (MUS) allows data acquisition for many applications that do not provide native support


With the fast operation and ease of use provided by the MicroScribe i system, do more projects in-house to avoid increased cost and protracted turnaround associated with outsourcing

Skull on stand with MicroScribe Portable CMM