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Revware’s Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

A Message from the CEO When we founded Revware in 1992, it was with the hope of having a positive impact on our community and growing customer base.  Developing and…
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Setting a part alignment using a corner fixture

Why Align?

By setting a part coordinate system and defining it, you create a matrix that describes the rotations and translations you get from the device’s coordinate system into the part coordinate system, giving them a common frame of reference, so that scanned data from the real-world object easily translates into the design world of the CAD environment.
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Robot Teaching Using the MicroScribe Digitizer

The MicroScribe portable digitizer is a crucial tool in achieving the kinematic work of setting up robot positioning.
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What is Digitizing?

Digitizing is the science (and art, many would say), of collecting information about a physical object or space into a digital (computer-readable) format. At the most basic level, digitization is…
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Data Integrity & Error in the use of Portable CMMs

In today’s technological world, data drives every aspect of business processes and decisions. An entire field of study, applied metrology, is based around the collection, standardization, and validation of data.…
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Sparse vs. Dense Data – the Power of Points and Clouds

There are many buzzwords floating around in the world of metrology. When it comes to determining what you would ultimately like to do with your data, it is key to…
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