MicroScribe M Series

Portable CMMs

The precision you need.

The MicroScribe® M portable articulated arm CMM is a professional, affordable alternative for your inspection, design, engineering and other precision metrology applications.

With accuracies of  +/- 0.0020” (50" volume) and +/- 0.0025″ (66" volume) and available with 5 or 6 axes, the MicroScribe M system is the right tool for manufactured parts inspection, high-fidelity 3D digitizing, concept-to-product design, and more.

portable CMM machine

Professionally Calibrated and Certified

MicroScribe M portable CMM machine systems are calibrated and rigorously quality tested according to Revware’s Tri-Test Calibration method based on the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ B89.4.22 specifications for the performance evaluation of articulated-arm CMMs. Our systems are CE and FCC certified, RoHS compliant, and come with a standard one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

MicroScribe M Features

High Performance, High Accuracy


Smooth, one-hand operation for better data collection


Seamless integration with premier reverse engineering and metrology software


Portable – weighs as little as 12.0 lb/5.4 kg (50” version)


Ideal for custom laser, transducer, or other attachments (6-axis version)


M4 threaded stylus for use with a wide variety of commercial probes


Custom reference frame for defining your physical workspace


Magnetic base stop for precision homing


MicroScribe Utility Software (MUS) 7.0 with CADpad included


Precision-made aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber


Accuracies up to +/- 0.002″ (25-inch MX) or +/- 0.003″ (33-inch MLX)


Seamlessly integrates with leading CAD/CAM, reverse engineering, and metrology software


5 or 6 degrees of freedom


Stylus designed for smooth, one-handed use


Two arm lengths: 25" or 33"

Quick and Versatile

MicroScribe M portable CMM machine systems work with physical objects of any shape, size, and material

Trace over the contours of an object once or at intervals to efficiently build complex 3D and 4D datasets

Setting up the MicroScribe® M portable CMM machine system is simple, taking as little as ten minutes

Mount the base to a work surface or set the clamp system wherever you need it

Software Integration

The MicroScribe M portable CMM machine system seamlessly integrates with many measurement and inspection software packages, freeing you to choose the software just right for your business

The included MicroScribe Utility Software® (MUS) allows data acquisition for many applications that do not provide native support

With the fast operation and ease of use provided by the MicroScribe M system, do more projects in-house to avoid increased cost and protracted turnaround associated with outsourcing

portable CMM machine

Compare the MicroScribe® M Digitizer Series

The Right Model for Your Needs

MicroScribe SystemMXMLX
Reach25" (.63m)33" (.84m)
Degrees of Freedom:5, 65, 6
Accurate to+/- 0.002″ (0.0508mm)+/-0.003 in (0.0762 mm)
Weight12.0 lb (5.4 kg)13.3 lb (6.0 kg)
Workspace Diameter50″ (1.27m)66" (1.67m)
Universal Power Supply(100V – 240V)
InterfaceUSB 2.0
OS compatibilityWindows XP, 7, 8, 10
Operating Temp59 to 95°F ( 15°C to 35°C)
Storage Temp-4 to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C)
Operating Humidity10-90% non-condensing

Included Accessories

MicroScribe Utility Software (MUS)

Limited manufacturer warranty

Certificate of Calibration

Universal Power Supply (with country-specific IEC cable)

Two 3 mm ruby ball probe tips, M4 threaded

Tip tool

Tip calibration fixture

USB cable

Hand switch

User’s guide

Storage strap

Additional probe tips

Rugged carry case for easy travel

Dual foot pedal for hands-free use

Mounting plate

Magnetic mounts


Serial cable

Annual recertification

MicroScribe Accessories

Enhance Your Workflow

MicroScribe Magnetic Mounting Plate

Aluminum mounting platform for i+ Series MicroScribe arms with magnetic lock switch system.
Aligment Divots set of 18

Alignment Divots Set of 18

Precision alignment divots, aluminum, set of 18 (adhesive not included).  

Alignment Divots Set of 6

Precision alignment divots, aluminum, set of six (adhesive not included).  

MicroScribe 4-48 Probe Tip Workpak

4-48 Probe tip workpak for G and 3D series MicroScribe arms (mixed styli and extension). For custom or other tips not listed, Contact us.

Probe Tip Adaptors for MicroScribe

Steel adaptors for MicroScribe probe tips.

Store-and-Ship Box Set for MicroScribe

Replacement container for safe storage and shipping of MicroScribe systems.

MicroScribe Probe Tip Extension

MicroScribe probe tip extension accessory, carbide steel, M4 X 15mm.

MicroScribe Probe Tip Tool

Probe Tip Tool for MicroScribe  

MicroScribe Replacement Tips

MicroScribe replacement probe tips. For custom or other tips not listed, Contact us.

USB Cable for MicroScribe Arm

USB Cable for MicroScribe arm connection (all models).

Serial Cable for MicroScribe Arm

Serial Cable for MicroScribe arm connection (3D, G and i series)

MicroScribe Mounting Plate

Aluminum mounting platform for M and i Series MicroScribe arms

MicroScribe Tripod Mounting Plate

Aluminum mounting platform for tripod, M and i Series MicroScribe arms.

Tripod for MicroScribe Arm

Heavy duty tripod for mounting MicroScribe arm (All models). Center 3/8-16 standard video mount. Mounting platform sold separately.

MicroScribe Dual Foot Pedal

Twin Standard Digitial Foot Pedal Accessory for MicroScribe arms (All Models). Comes with 90-day limited manufacturer's warranty.

Power Supply for MicroScribe M Series

Power Supply for MicroScribe M series arms (All Models), 9V 2.5A output with IEC cable (please specify US, EU, UK, or AU).

Power Supply for MicroScribe G and i

Power Supply for G and i MicroScribe products, 5V 3A output with IEC cable (please specify US, EU, UK, or AU).

MicroScribe Travel and Storage Case

New rugged carry case for MicroScribe arms. Includes custom foam inserts (All Models).

MicroScribe M4 Probe Tip Workpak for Metrology

M4 Probe tip workpak for M, i, and i+ series MicroScribe arms (mixed styli and extension). For custom or other tips not listed, Contact us.

MicroScribe Ergo Hand Switch

Ergonomic hand switch for MicroScribe arms (all models). Comes with 90-day limited manufacturer's warranty.

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